Something happens co-incidentally

Something happens co-incidentally

life is full of twists and turns when a person is trying to run away from any situation life took them back to that thing . Doesn’t matter how hard you are trying to escape from that thing but destiny will ultimately grab you there. sometimes we were so depress that we can’t even look at the good side of life .

Philosophy of Everyday Life: “All that happens actually happens for good”

I too trying to believe on this but my heart doesn’t  let me to do so .may be it is my destiny every person faces various circumstances some were good some bad but its depend on person to person how they deal with it. some run away from problem because they don’t have strength to fight with problems neither they are ready to face the consequences of the problems in simple words “cowards”. Second is I-don’t-care persons they do what they want to do without thinking once about how does it affects them or others they are not at all afraid of any problem brave ones or we can say foolish  well there choices. and last one are depressed they are simply over thinkers they not once or twice thinks about that problem but million time a they make a tiny problem as big as the world itself they get submerged their selves in the problems but thinking of problem all the time can never leads to any solution if we want to really get out of problem we need to think of a solution rather than thinking of problem zillion times. we need to find the way out. i would like to give example for example –

A boy and a girl both are in love with each other but they don’t know whether they want to spent whole life together or not in simple terms they have no future plans but accidentally the girl got pregnant ? now take these three types of person and their reaction.

1st type-:  After knowing about pregnancy first the boy try to escape from situation by blaming her that she is a cheater and by saying stuff like ” this baby is not mine u have relations with other men”  the boy simply cut off every contact with the girl as he is a coward-a person who is contemptibly lacking in the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

2nd type-:  After knowing about pregnancy the boy will assure the girl that every thing will be fine don’t worry take some pill to abort. that’s it he don’t get the seriousness of the situation he just let it go as in its not a big issue as he don’t care and keep on continuing on other things that is his routine.

3rd type-:  After knowing about pregnancy the boy start panicking he thinks that he did very mistake now his whole life , career everything is finish he thinks that he has no way left he is in very big trouble. why did it happens how did i let that happen and all this bull shit things came into his mind.

Now we should judge ourselves we fall under which category?




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