I love cake


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“Love for cake”  It seems to be very common almost everybody loves cake apart from some calories and diet conscious persons but somewhere in their heart they too love to eat every bite of cake but because of their routine they have to sacrifice their wish- poor them. well There are some peoples who want cake any how i mean even if it is affecting their size they just don’t care and I m one of them but the thing is I m slip and under weight so calories etc doesn’t bother me not at all.

“Nothing beats the expression and excitement on a Child’s face when they see their birthday cake and cannot wait to dig their teeth in, it is priceless”

I love cake will create that special cake for almost any event, formal  corporate, special occasion, birthdays, weddings, adult, christening, baby showers, bridal showers, religious etc. creative cup cakes, cake pops, 3d cakes, edible picture cakes, and custom cakes.

Aww I just Love cakes so much well eat cakes keep yourself happy and cheerful……….


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