Twinkle – Twinkle


By the word twinkle only one thing comes in my mind the kindergarten / nursery rhymes whose lyrics are like –

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twinkle twinkle first poem of our life

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is a popular English lullaby. The lyrics are from an early 19th-century English poem by Jane Taylor, “The Star”. The poem, which is in couplet form, was first published in 1806 in Rhymes for the Nursery, a collection of poems by Taylor and her sister Ann. It is sung to the tune of the French melody Ah! vous dirai-je, maman, which was published in 1761 and later arranged by several composers including Mozart with Twelve Variations on “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman”. The English lyrics have five stanzas, although only the first is widely known. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 7666. This song is usually performed in the key of C Major.

So this a complete poem and i think most of us only remember the first stanza of the poem especially me , well when we think of this poem picture , images comes up in our mind of  mum holding hand of a cute little cute kids in neat and tidy school uniform and a barbie or Micky mouse or some teddy bear kind of bags same cartoon printed cute sipper water bottles hanging around their neck The bottle  has a flip top that makes it easy to open and close. The exterior of the bottle has a trendy and colorful design that makes it very appealing for children.the expression of kids face is almost crying like. image of my first day to school comes in my mind when my mum used to tell me about my childhood. I was so sad that day how i was reacting and how i react after coming back from school all she used to tell me thousand of times but still whenever i hear i found the same enticement , joy and happiness on my face as if i m hearing all this for first time. 



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