Start a day with ” Sandwich “

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Break fast with a cup of coffee and a sandwich is just wow ya i know its too common but still i love to have it to start my day . so basically my day starts from the moment I wake up slowly open my eyes to look around i found my self in my room in bed , hairs all messy , blanket half over me half is dropping down from edges of bed . a little alarm clock on my side table  , a fan on my ceiling ,sometimes I even come to see my mom standing in front of my bed waiting for me to wake up with a l’il angry look ( Angry because I’ m late ) but never put the anger for long after seeing smile on my face. her anger vanishes immediately in seconds. after i get up do all-daily-essentials my mom gives me the best morning breakfast whatever i demand of. hawww she is so sweet I just love maa

Veg sandwich used to be one of my favorite snack during the college days. when i would be hungry and sometimes without a tiffin box, me and my friends would go to the sandwich stall opposite our college and have the plain or toasted veg sandwich. we were regular at the the sandwich guy’s stall and thus he would tailor make the sandwiches for us, as per our sis is also so fond of these sandwiches, specially the toasted ones. whenever we would go to any restaurant , we always knew what she is going to order first – a toast sandwich. so this post is dedicated to my sis who is a fan of the sandwiches. these sandwiches are a also a popular street food.what adds spice to the veg sandwich is the spicy coriander chutney, black salt and chaat masala. nowadays we do get the sandwich masala and you can add this also. for more flavors, roasted cumin powder as well as freshly powdered black pepper can also be added. to make a perfect sandwich


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