A strange recharge – Perplexed


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‘ I should not do this . this is wrong ‘ Ishika muttered to herself. lying in freefall position on bed. she had buried her head deep inside the pillow hairs all over the pillow  she was totally  emerged in her thoughts . Her phone rung she moved her head to see who is disturbing her the screen shows the familiar but unsaved number  it was from raghav . she was staring at her phone totally lost. she didn’t pick up the call not once. Raghav tried calling her so many times. After her sudden walk off  from the CCD today.

Ishika was in a relationship with karan from past two years . karan and Ishika were from same college and there story also begins from a college function . karan  was tall ,fair complexioned , short silky hairs set with gel and good physics.where they met for first time.both are working on same drama Karan was an actor in that play whereas Ishika  was writer . so they both have to spent quite a time with each other in that time they feel attracted towards each oher then after the  play was complete . Whole team of the play is invited on the stage and karan proposed her on stage in front of all the audience on knees ‘perfect scene’ Ishika accepts the proposal and they both hugged each other the whole auditorium is filed with sound of clapping.In beginning they were so much in love but after three months little time issues and other issues comes up. In past three months they spent every possible second with each other if they were not physically present with each other they always seems to be on calls. they have spent a lot quality time with each other. karan always tries to get cozy with her in beginning she used to get offended but later she accepts that as a part of their relationship. And they were in physical relation too with mutual concern .they spent a lot time in each others arms. but after some time things got changed karan was little ignoring her and was creating a space between them. that was bothering ishika each and every second. she tried so many times to clear her issues and share her fear with karan but karan never pays any attention towards her and always convince her by saying that he will always love her but now he want to focus on ther things in life to make his future. their relationship was going through a rough phase but the fact remains was she was in a relationship.

Today she met a guy which is just perfect who knows how to treat a girl. how to make her feel happy . Ishika had never felt this kind of connection and happiness in heart with karan never ever. but with him his eyes was mesmerizing she sometimes find lost in his eyes. she sense something as love in his eyes. through she want this meeting to never end but she cant bear the love in his eyes. she thinks its better to escape from this situation and she leaves the CCD and she leaves two eyes full of love and respect for her behind because the perplexed thought i.e ‘how can she feel for someone else being in a two year relationship’ these thoughts were perplexing her’.

 to be continued……

(Sorry i m not good with words . it is just an attempt . so sorry if i did any mistake in above story)



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